Big New Born Baby Blanket – 100% Warm Cotton Cellular – for Girls and Boys – Ideal For Travel Cot Bed, Pram, Stroller, Moses Basket, Crib – 70x90cm – White 2pack

The ASAB baby girl and baby boy blanket: the perfect choice for your child

These reborn baby blanket are perfect on those cold winter days and will give your child the warmth of an extra layer to keep your baby nice and warm.


The blanket has been specifically designed to be used with prams, moses baskets, cribs and carry cots.
This soft baby sleeping blanket is the ideal choice for many different situations, for the cot and bed of course, but also as a baby stroller blanket,
for moments of play and cuddles, as a car seat baby blanket and for any other situation in which your child wants something to embrace and pamper for a long time.

100% Warm Cotton Cellular

It is a baby cuddle blanket made exclusively of 100% natural cotton, delicately worked so as not to irritate the skin of your child in any way.
Pure cotton is the best choice when it comes to accessories for children.
Resistant and easy to wash, it has the great advantage of being breathable and encouraging the exchange of air between the child’s body and the outside,
a very important factor especially when it is used to wrap him with the knitted baby blanket.
The baby cellular blankets guarantee warmth and good protection against the wind.
Despite this, however, the baby swaddling blanket is really very breathable.


Size 70cm x 90cm

The baby crib blanket is available in different colours and different baby blanket set, choose the one you prefer.

Buy the best for your baby, put the ASAB baby born blanket in your shopping cart!

A WARM HUG – the new baby blanket is made of 100% extra warm but breathable cellular cotton, to provide maximum comfort
SPECIFIC DESIGN – perfect as travel cot blanket, baby car blanket, baby pram blankets, baby pushchair blanket and moses basket cellular blanket
PERFECT DIMENSIONS FOR BABIES – We listen to mothers, and that’s why we have designed the tiny baby blanket in the most suitable sizes for the purpose: 70x90cm
ALL YEAR ROUND – The “cell” construction it traps air to keep your baby warm in the winter and cool during the warmer months, and is also beautiful!
UNISEX – We have made the blanket in various colours, so you always have the one that best suits your child, whether you are looking for a baby blankets for girls or a baby blankets for boys

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