Bibetta Ultrabib Baby Bib with Sleeves (Blue Fish)

Bibetta’s brilliant UltraBibsTM are made of neoprene (wetsuit material); they have a soft, friendly and flexible feel that children love! Neoprene is waterproof, absorbent and very easy to clean.

All our UltraBibsTM have large, soft pockets that fold out to catch food and have roll-up ‘n’ go convenience for travelling. The new 2014 design features a one-size-fits-all and a sleeved one-size-fits-all; both available in 4 bright colours and 4 bright patterns. With stretchy edging and zig-zag stitch they are the funkiest bibs around!

The bibs can be hand washed for speed or machine wash (30°C.) and they are tumble drier proof. Neoprene dries very quickly so you can use the same bib more than once a day. Bibetta’s UltraBibsTM bibs are easy care, smart looking (for all its life) and highly durable offering you excellent, long-lasting value for money.

Create a colourful mess-and-stress free world for your baby and child with Bibetta’a award winning neoprene UltraBib! The soft and stretchy neoprene material has a friendly feel that children love and enjoy wearing at meal times. The UltraBibTM has a unique, springy, pelican-style pocket, making the bib ideal for baby led weaning as children can easily retrieve dropped finger-food! The springiness of the pocket allows your baby to comfortably sit up against the table of highchair tray without hurting their tummy. Our bibs are so comfortable that mot children don’t even realise they are wearing a bib!Totally unique ‘body-bib’ for those extra messy moments such as when feeding and doing arts and crafts
Waterproof neoprene body, elasticated splash proof arms, an adjustable rear Velcro strap and flexible fold-out pocket.
Made from neoprene with a soft, stretchy and friendly feel
Contemporary blue fish print
Easy clean, machine washable, tumble drier proof

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