BIB-ON, A New, Full-Coverage Bib and Apron Combination for Infant, Baby, Toddler Ages 0-4+. One Size Fits All! (Planes)

The BIB-ON is a patent pending, NEW bib and apron combination product. The BIB-ON is truly the only full-coverage bib on the market! It will keep ALL of your child’s clothes clean during mealtimes including the LAP and the PANTS guaranteed! Unlike all other inadequately small “waterproof” bibs that are made of cheap and uncomfortable tarp like materials, BIB-ON is instead made of premium, soft, lightweight, silky, smooth waterproof fabric. It also has 3 catch-all pockets on the bottom to catch most food and drinks spilled during mealtimes. No other multi-pack, small bibs can protect your child’s clothes like just one BIB-ON can! We believe that BIB-ON is truly the world’s best feeding bib apron for all children, who are learning to self-feed. We also supply numerous early learning centers, and special needs schools for the children they care for and feed during the day, so please give our BIB-ON a try and you will never need another bib!Made of safe, wrinkle-free, waterproof, soft, and comfortable PUL fabric
One size fits all and it is compatible with all feeding chairs
Using two adjustable Velcro straps, it goes on and off your child in seconds. We’ve recently added a training snap button on neck for fussy infants.
Machine washable and very easy to care for. Wipe clean after meals with wet soapy sponge for daily cleaning
Easily folds up or rolls up to take with you. Also works great for children prone to car sickness.

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