Because Of ME, I Can Only Imagine Being The Mum That Others Get To Be

Sophie Cooklynn

Downstairs, my two-year-old son, Lucas, is playing. He’s a beautiful, clever and sweet little boy who lights up my entire world.

Upstairs, I lie in a single bed, trapped in the shell of a body; bedridden permanently and suffering dozens of symptoms that mean that on most days the most I can do is crawl to the commode just a metre away.

Because of ME, I can only imagine being the mum that others get to be. I can’t hold, touch, speak or hear him as the sensitivity has an unbearable effect on me.

Yet, some people – even doctors – refuse to accept ME exists. They say it’s all in the mind and that I can wish myself better. I’ve lost friends and some of my family also think that it’s just sheer laziness.

I have been suffering ME since I was 10, but I was mild up until I was 19.

I got much worse when I was pregnant and after I had given birth it was all put down to pregnancy and childbirth and I had to wait months before a diagnosis was made. 

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