Bandersnatch's Fionn Whitehead Reveals The Scene He's 'Annoyed' Was Cut, And What It Was Really Like To Film

Warning: This interview contains spoilers for ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’.

‘Bandersnatch’ is the game-changing ‘Black Mirror’ event that had everyone talking upon its release at the end of the last year, and the man at the centre of it all was British actor Fionn Whitehead.

While still in the early stages of his acting career, Fionn has already starred in a wide array of differing projects, including the Oscar-nominated war epic ‘Dunkirk’ and the BBC’s monologues series ‘Queers’.

‘Bandersnatch’ sees him on completely new ground, as the story follows his character – Stefan, a video game developer in the early 1980s – on his journey, which is almost entirely dictated by the viewer, as they make choices on his behalf.


Fionn Whithead as Stefan in ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’

HuffPost UK caught up with Fionn to talk about the difficult filming process and the storyline he was “annoyed” to see didn’t make the final cut. Here’s what we learned over the course of our interview…

Already a ‘Black Mirror’ fan, he was ready to sign his name on the dotted line before he even knew the details of the episode

“Even before I found out the script I was like, ‘I’m probably just going to say yes to this, because I love Black Mirror’. But then once I found out what it was, it kind of made me even more excited. And then when I got the part, I was over the moon.”

He was kept in the dark about the nature of the episode until almost the last minute

“I had a meeting with Charlie [Brooker] and Annabel [Jones, the show’s executive producers] after I’d been offered the part, and I’d only found out it was going to be an interactive episode a couple of days before, in a really quick email. And that just kind of said ‘it’s interactive’ and ‘it’s about video game coders from the 80s’.”


A screengrab from the episode showing one of the many decisions viewers must make to change Stefan’s fate

The multiple timelines and story twists didn’t…

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