Bambo Nature New Born Size 1 (4-9lb / 2-4kg) Premium Eco-Nappies – 28 pieces per pack

Bambo newborn nappies are breathable and highly absorbent. These newborn nature nappies are 50% bio-degradable and free from harmful chemicals… naturally the best nappies for your newborn baby. Starch based absorbent core… free from lotions and perfumes… chlorine free… latex free waistband and cuffs. Bambo newborn nappies have a breathable backing which allows your baby’s skin to stay fresh. High absorbency ensures a dry topsheet and the perfect fit gives your baby maximum comfort. Oxygen Bleached with no residues. These newborn nappies undergo a modern oxygen bleaching process and are free from harmful chemicals, making them kind to baby’s skin and highly environmentally friendly. NEW & IMPROVED! Bambo Nature nappies now have extra stretchy, super-soft tabs, instead of an elasticated waist which is more eco-friendly as there is less elastic used in the nappy. 50% bio-degradable… Starch based absorbent core…oxygen bleached… free from lotions and perfumes… chlorine free… latex free waistband and cuffs. This nappy was awarded the Nordic Swan Eco Label – your guarantee for the most environmentally compatible choice and the best newborn nappy around. Outer packaging made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE – 04), which can be recycled. Bambo newborn nature nappies contain a fabric-feel polypropene layer, absorbant pulp material, wheat starch and polyacrylate. The fabric-feel back sheet is made from polypropylene, polyethelene and calcium carbonate. The hook and loop closure system is made from polypropelene. The glue used is hot melt made from resin and wax. Elastication made from elastothane. Size to fit: 4-9lbs, 2-4kg, nappy size 1Award winning children’s nappy with a super absorbent core and high performance top-dry layer to ensure fast absorption.
Soft and gentle on your baby’s skin, dermatologically tested.
Fully breathable, textile feel backsheet. Latex free and Nordic-Eco Label accredited.
All of the fluff used in Bambo Nature nappies are FSC certified and biodegradable.

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