BALFER Baby Bibs 2 Packs Waterproof Silicone Bib Easily Clean Wide Pocket Soft Feeding Bibs For Infants & Toddlers with 1 Baby Spoon (Green & Orange, 6-72 months)

Tired of cleaning up the messes after each time feeding child?
Fed up with washing burp cloths over and over again?
Wish there was a way to get rid of food stains once and for all?

Well, look no further. BALFER silicone baby bibs are here to save your day!

Why you should choose BALFER waterproof silicone baby feeding bibs?

1.Made from 100% food grade silicone which is safe and does not leach onto foods.
2.Adjustable neck strap features four snaps which can be adjusted to provide a snug and comfortable fit for your toddler.
3.Deep and wide food pocket stays open to catch crumbs, spills and drool without leaking or tipping.
4.Easy to clean and sterilize, dishwasher and washing machine safe.
5.Very easy to clean with cloth, wipes or paper towel.

Package Lists:

1 x Orange Silicone Baby bibs
1 x Green Silicone Baby bibs
1 x Silicone Baby spoon
FOOD GRADE SILICONE: BALFER baby bibs are certified to FDA,100% BPA free and phthalates,lead and other toxins; Safe for baby to chew on.
EASILY CLEAN: Simply put the toddler bibs under running water or wash in the dishwasher, no food stuck and wash problems anymore, make life easier.
SOFT BIBS: Flexible and soft silicone materials is comfortable for baby’s neck, four secure buttons in the back fit into several different holes to adjust size.
REDUCES MESS ON BABY AND FLOOR: Wide and deep food catcher catches most spills, reducing the mess on your baby’s cloths, feeding table and floor.
SAVE MONEY: Extra 1 silicone spoon for feeding baby, soft and gentle on babies’ gums, no more order it separately, save your money!

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