Baby Shower Party Games – BABY SHOWER BINGO – ULTIMATE EDITION -uni- 20 players – #BI

Contents – 40 x Baby Related Caller Images on a single perforated sheet, this means you are not required to cut and stick, simply tear off the baby items and place in a hat/bowl before the game starts. 20 x Bingo Cards/sheets, printed double sided, this means you can have at least 2 games for 20 players. 2 x Winners Certificates, A6 size, to present to the game winners. Detailed Instructions explaining exactly how to play the game.Baby Shower Bingo – Ultimate Edition – 20 player
Neutral Design to cater for boy / girl / or unknown sex
Enough bingo cards for 20 players to play 2 games / No cutting and sticking (unlike other baby bingo games) / 40 different caller images (other baby bingo games use just words)
2 x Winner Certificates to present to the winner of each game. – SAME DAY DISPATCH payment required before 3pm
Just like the traditional game, except the numbers are replaced with baby related items, such as a ‘rattle’, ‘ultrasound’, ‘pram’ etc. The host picks a caller image randomly, reads out the baby related item for the players to cross out if it appears on their bingo card. The host continues to read aloud caller images until a player has a full house and shouts ‘baby shower bingo’!

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