Baby Shower Party Games – 3 GAMES – 20 players #PC

This item is packaged within an A4 board backed envelope posted via 1st class Royal Mail. Same day dispatch if payment is received before 3pm.Pack of 3 Baby Shower Games for up to 20 players
BABY BINGO GAME Just like the traditional game, except the numbers are replaced with baby related items. We provide 40 different baby items which includes both pictures and item wording on a perforated sheet, this means you are not required to cut and stick, simply tear off the baby items and place in a bowl before the game starts. We also provide 20 different bingo cards/sheets that are printed double sided, this means you can have at least 2 games for 20 players.
REMEMBER MY NAME GAME Each guest receives a name sticker upon arrival, during the party guests must refer to each other as the name on the sticker they are wearing ie Dolly Dummy. If a guest refers to another guest by their birth name they must spin the arrow and complete the corresponding forfeit displayed on the back of the arrow card ie sing a nursery rhyme to the expectant mummy’s bump.
NURSERY RHYME GAME Each player must try to answer the 15 nursery rhyme related questions which are grouped into the following categories, prominent figures, colours, geriatrics, mishaps, foods. 20 double sided A5 sheets are provided which includes both questions and a space for your guests to write their answers.
WINNERS CERTIFICATE You will also receive 3 x winners certificate, to present to the winning player of the above games!

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