Baby Shower Games Pack – Unisex Classic 3 Edition for up to 20 players

Why not add some fun to your baby shower with this great value baby shower games pack from UK Baby Shower Co Ltd. This pack is the Classic 3 games pack which contains 3 of our most popular games. *Game 1 – Baby Bingo. A game of bingo with a baby shower twist, instead of marking off numbers you will be marking off baby themed words such as ‘nappy’ or ‘baby lotion’. *Game 2 is – Who Knows Mum Best? This is a quiz game all about mummy to be. Guests must guess the answers to questions such as ‘What is mummy’s favourite colour?’ and ‘What is mummy’s favourite film’ *Game 3 is – Name That Tune. This game includes a music disc with 16 song clips. Guests must try to figure out the artist and title of each song. All songs have a baby themed title such as Britney Spears – Hit me baby one more time! All games are suitable for up to 20 players and this pack has a neutral colour scheme so is suitable for blue, pink and surprise bumps3 Classic Baby Shower Games
Up to 20 players for each game
Pack includes; Baby Bingo, Who Know’s Mum Best & Baby Name That Tune

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