Baby shower games pack – 4 baby shower games – 24 players – unisex – bingo, charades, quiz, trivia. Value pack of baby shower games. Unisex design with 4 baby shower games and winners certificate.

Our unisex baby shower games are ideal for any party. Packed with fun games including bingo for up to 24 players.

Printed on high quality paper they strike the perfect balance between quality, style and value for money to help your baby shower guests relax and enjoy themselves.

All our baby shower games have neutral matching designs so make a great addition to any party. Also included is a matching winner’s certificate so you can really make the most of your baby shower games.

All games, with the exception of charades which is a bit risque, can be played by all ages – bingo is a great hit with guests of all ages. Our baby shower games are dispatched by Amazon so you’ll get all their great services making delivery simple, quick and efficient!

What is (and isn’t!) included:

Bingo – our stylish, picture based bingo game is covers everything new parents can expect! 8 games sheets with 3 games per sheet. This means up to 24 people can play. Included are instructions, calling cards and game sheets. We recommend you supply chocolate buttons to use as counters – a tasty twist on using a pen.

Charades A selection of the best baby based charades clues available. Hilarious fun.

Baby quiz How much do you know about babies? What percentage are born on their due date? Test your knowledge with these head scratchers. Pen and paper for answers not included

Baby trivia Covering everything from celebrity children to the animal kingdom this baby based game is great fun. Pen and paper for answers not included.

Winner’s certificate Printed on high quality card you can crown the overall winner of your baby shower. Great for photos and mementos.

You’ll get all of these great baby shower games, plus a winners certificate for less than the price of a bottle of wine – fantastic value!

Baby shower games: Value pack of baby shower games including baby shower bingo, quiz, trivia and baby shower charades.
Baby shower winners certificate: We’ve also included a winners certificate so you can crown the winner of the baby shower games
Unisex: All our baby shower games were designed and printed here in the UK and are complementary to each other
Up to 24 Players: Our bingo game has been designed to make it easy for up to 24 players to play one game.
Great Value – 4 great baby shower games + a winners certificate for less then the price of a bottle of wine!

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