Baby Shower Games Baby Trivia Quiz. Unisex, Pack of 10 Cards.

Baby Shower Fun

Our Baby Trivia true or false game cards are suitable for both pink and blue bumps and are a great way to get the party started.
Also the ideal game to use as an icebreaker should some of your guests not know each other that well.
Trivia Questions:
– Babies have more bones than adults?
– All babies are born with blue eyes?
– Babies take more breaths than adults?
– Touch is the first sense babies develop?
– September is the busiest month of the year for giving birth?
– Babies are born without kneecaps?

Pack Contents

– Baby Trivia answer sheet for the host.
– 10 cards suitable for up to 10 guests.
– Each game card is A5 in size.
– Printed on 180gsm high quality card.

Copyright © Baby Shower Games UK 2017. Sold exclusively by Juvivir UK. Products sold by the Baby Shower Games brand are original, as described and no other sellers are authorised to sell our product.FUN GAME – Find out which of your guests is a clever cogs!
BABY TRIVIA – Answer interesting facts about babies using true or false.
UNISEX – Neutral theme for boy or girl.
QUALITY PRINT – Baby Trivia games are printed on premium quality A5 card.
10 GUESTS – Pack contains 10 cards for up to 10 guests at your baby shower party.

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