Baby Shower Games 4 Pack, (Blue – 20 players)

Why not add some fun to your baby shower with this great value baby shower games pack from UK Baby Shower Co Ltd. This pack is the Fun 4 games pack which contains 3 hilarious games and our beautiful keepsake game – Baby Predictions. *Game 1 is – Baby Shower Charades – A classic charades game with a baby shower twist, all clues are baby related. From ‘Decorating the nursery’ to ‘Contractions’ you are guaranteed to have a giggle but be warned some clues are embarrassing! *Game 2 – Guess Mums Tum. Guests must try to guess the size of mummy’s tummy on the poster provided, the closest match wins the game! Tape measure included. *Game 3 is – Where’s My Dummy. This hilarious game is a baby themed version of the children’s game pin the tail on the donkey where instead you will be sticking the dummy on the baby – A surprisingly difficult task! The 4th item is a pack of Prediction Cards. Guests must fill them in making guesses about the baby weight and date etc and add a few words of wisdom for mum to be. A lovely keepsake. All games are suitable for up to 20 players and this pack is our blue pack. Also available in pink and unisex4 Fun games for your baby shower
Up to 20 players for each game
Pack includes Charades, Guess Mum’s Tum, Where’s My Dummy & Prediction Cards
Blue colour theme

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