Baby Shower Game – The Ultrasound Game 12 or 20 Players (20 Player)

This game comes with 7 A5 silk cards each with 2 ultrasound pictures and a question about those pictures. As each card is passed around the room guests must try to answer the questions on the scoresheets provided. Instructions are on the top of each scoresheet, Answers provided and in case of a tie there is a Tiebreaker question included.

Examples of some of the questions are; ‘What tiny body parts are the arrows pointing to?’ and ‘Can you tell the sex of these two babies?’Can you tell your toes from your elbows?
Answer the questions about each scan picture to win
professionally manufactured & Great fun for your shower
Designed in a neutral theme so suitable for pink or blue bumps.
Drop down box to select 12 or 20 Player Packs

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