Baby Shower Game – Dirty Nappy Neutral/Unisex/Yelloe (20 Players)

Hilarious baby shower game . A PAPER COPY OF INSTRUCTIONS IS NOT INCLUDED AS I HAVE INCLUDED THEM IN THE DESCRIPTION WHICH FOLLOWS. Game can be played several ways. Fill nappies with items that look like “poopy” nappies eg mustard, curry sauce, chocolate, marmite, mashed banana, Peanut butter etc. You can also play it by putting items that have a strong or unusual odour to guess eg horseradish sauce, marmite, tuna brine etc. Let your imagination run with what you can fill your nappies with. Guests visually look and smell nappies to guess contents. You will get * 5 nappies with yellow numbered stickers. * 10 or 20 player sheets for guests to record their answers. * 1 extra sheet for host to write answers. **CONTENTS FOR NAPPIES NOT INCLUDED**Hilarious Baby Shower Game
5 clean newborn nappies with yellow numbered stickers 1-5
Available with 10 or 20 player A6 sheets for guests to record their answers
1 extra sheet for host to write answers

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