Baby Plate Frog Silicone Baby Plates Stay Put Feeding Plate Dinner Plate Child High Quality Silicone Mat for Toddler & Baby Feeding Placemat for Most Highchair Trays pink

Material: food-grade silicone.

Size: 27.2 x 15.5 cm.

Application: snacks, snacks, meals and so on.

Method of use:
After using the place of cleaning and dry cleaning is stored and away from direct sunlight.

Characteristics of silica-based products:
1, excellent ultra – high temperature resistant, ultra – low temperature resistant, high resistance, suitable for the temperature range of the environment from -70°C to 230°.
2, high intensity, which is flexible and elastic, chemical corrosion resistance good performance.
3, resistance to thermal ageing and weather resistance.
4, it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, corrosion free.The materials of this section of the dishes is a 100% food silica gel, and does not contain BP, PVC, harmful substances such as lead.
2 in 1 plate and mat plate, the design of the Center, can be placed the food, you no longer have to worry about eating baby food everywhere.
A meal tray bowl resistant to high temperature at 200 °C, a microwave oven, dishwasher and dishwasher, a sterilisation tank can be used, can also be disinfected. High strength, which is flexible and elastic, chemical corrosion resistance, oil resistance and cleaning.
Beautiful plate can improve appetite, you can be used to hold sweets, skating, meals etc.
If you do not like this product, you can return at any time, 100% of the refund. This kind of safety without risk, just add one to your cart.

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