'Baby On Board' Badge Wearers Say They Are Ignored By Commuters When Wanting A Seat

Pregnant women have lashed out at commuters after claiming they usually don’t get offered a seat on TfL Tube services despite wearing ‘Baby On Board’ badges.

A group of women who wear the badges spoke to The Huffington Post UK about their experiences, saying that they “feel uncomfortable during commutes” as seated onlookers are “absorbed in reading and pretending not to notice”.

The badges, which were released in 2005, are hugely popular with travellers on the Tube with over 130,000 badges handed out to mums-to-be each year.

Transport For London states its aim is to “help combat the awkwardness some mums-to-be feel if they have to ask someone to give up their seat” and to “encourage fellow passengers to help make pregnant women feel…

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