Baby Laughs Washing Mitt Flannel Glove for Newborn, Toddler or Kids in General – Love Bath Play Time with Cartoon Shaped Animal – Premium Quality Absorbent Body and Face Scrub Washcloth Mitt (Monster)

Baby Laughs

Baths can not only relax your baby, but they can also give you a chance to bond and play after a hectic day. And like baby massage, a warm bath can be an excellent way to help prepare your baby for bed.

A bath is a perfect way to create separation between “busy time” and “sleep time” while giving you the chance to bond with your baby. Even though days can feel a little easier when you end the night by wrapping your beautiful clean baby, snug and cozy, in their blanket — just in time for a story.

Most healthcare professionals recommend bathing newborns 2 or 3 times per week, increasing the frequency as your baby gets older. Even though you may not give your baby a bath every day, a sponge bath is an alternative many mums choose for their very young babies.

Educate your children about the importance of washing and cleaning with a story. Between the bubbles, splashing, coos, and giggles – bath time may quickly become your favourite time of day.
Cute towelling muslin made of soft cotton and is ideal for sensitive baby skin. Make baby bath time more fun and organic-friendly with these adorable washcloths. Wash your babies face body using wash cloth flannel mitts.
Multi-functional, allowing you to wash, entertain and play with your baby all with one charming design. These wash mitts have embroidered faces & are made of beautiful 100% organic cotton terry.
Ultra soft and kind on the skin, choose these organic cotton towelling wash mitts for your Baby. What better way to entice a reluctant baby into the bath than with a talking Baby Laughs high quality wash mitt glove.
Washing up gloves has a flannel strap and our wash mitt is washable in the washing machine.

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