Baby Handprint and Footprint Kit by Birchester. Deluxe Photo Frame for Newborns. Perfect Gift for Baby Shower Registry and Christening.

Mark the arrival of a new baby with a Baby Hand and Footprint Kit specially created so that parents can capture and hold onto those first magic moments with their newborn. The First Impressions Memory Frame by Birchester is a classic keepsake for your child’s first year. 


Can I get a handprint or footprint of my child easily? 

In the application brochure that comes out of the kit, the steps of construction are explained in detail. Birchester photo frame kit is easy to set up. No baking, no mess. Children who feel able to experiment and to make mistakes feel free to invent new ways of thinking, which extends well beyond the craft room. The content does not contain any toxic substances, is odorless and is harmless to your child’s skin.

My baby’s always moving, how can I get my child’s prints neatly? 

The most important period for the material to start freezing is the first 5-10 minutes. In this process, the baby’s slight movement does not cause a problem, in fact it prevents the air bubbles or cracks. You may be unsuccessful in your first attempt, you will have time for a new trial within the time period mentioned above. But if you think you’re going to have a lot of trouble, we recommend that you do this procces while your baby is asleep. 

How long does it take for the clay to dry and how can I dry it properly? 

Once you have prepared the clay mixture and managed to get your baby’s handprint and footprint, you should wait around 24 hours to dry. Additional action or direct exposure to daylight may cause the clay material to crack. It would be useful to wait a few days to dry if you wish to send or move it away. Follow the instructions to get the best results, or do a brief survey of the clay material and most sanitary drying patterns. 

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CREATE A COSY PHOTO FRAME THAT MAKES YOUR BABY’S TINY HANDPRINT & FOOTPRINT A WORK OF ART: Enjoy a fantastic family bonding experience as you create art together for memories that will last a lifetime. The perfect gift for Mum on Mother’s Day, Dad for his birthday, Grandparents for Christmas or Godparents at your baby’s Christening.
WITH A BIRCHESTER KEEPSAKE PHOTOGRAPH FRAME, you will be able to keep your baby’s cute handprint and footprint on display in your home forever.
PREMIUM, NON-TOXIC ODOURLES clay material designed to be easy to use and protect your baby’s skin.
INCLUDED IN SET: 100% solid wood frame. 2 Packs of non-toxic clay, roller. No mixing or baking required. Clay air-dries in 48 hours. 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: This product is under the guarantee of Birchester Trading Co. and 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we run a problem-free and unconditional return procedure.

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