Baby Hand & Footprint Kit – Picture & Photo Frame Set includes 3 Large Premium Ready Made Clay Bags with Charms and Birth Record for Keepsake Registry Christening Newborns Baby Shower Birthdays Toddlers for Boys and Girls. A Beautiful and Decorative Handmade Gift Set for Wall and Table Decor by Antonio Coure

For Tiny Hand & Footprints

The Antonio Coure Kit gives a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Our small family team are passionate & we have worked tirelessly to make the most thoughtful, highest quality gifts for those who matter most, our friends & families. Life is busy – this is the perfect gift to remember this stage of our lives.

Your baby won’t stay tiny forever. Celebrate these special moments & bring a smile to everyone.

Our gift set is perfect for all occasions. Most keepsakes end up out of sight or locked away our print & photo frame is perfect for display.

Our motto is LOVING YOUR MEMORIES. One day you will show them when they are all grown up! Capture & share your moment with the world.

Antonio Coure Hand & Footprint Gift Box

  • Easy to Use, No Baking or Mixing
  • Safe to Use 100% certified
  • More Value Compared to Others that includes:
  • Photo Frame for 2 pictures – add a baby scan picture
  • Birth Record
  • 3 Large Air Drying Clay Bags
  • 3 Silver Charms
  • 2 Sticky Tapes
  • Wooden Rolling Pin
  • Glass Display
  • Can be mounted on wall or stood up
  • Full English Instructions with Exclusive Video

      The Antonio Coure Hand & Footprint Gift Kit is a SPECIAL gift. Anyone can use it from new users to experienced crafters. The gift box comes with EVERYTHING YOU NEED to create a professional imprint at home for a fraction of a professional shoot.

      CREATE treasured memories, gift to loved ones & CHERISH these moments forever.

      CAPTURE that memory add CHARMS the BIRTH CARD, HANG or STAND the frame – you have MORE ACCESSORIES COMPARED to similar sets.

      Here at Antonio Coure we promise this is a SUPERIOR product. If you don’t love it don’t keep it with the money back guarantee!

      ADD to BASKET now at the SPECIAL price.

      EXTRA VALUE COMPARED TO OTHERS! MEMORIES SHOULD BE FUN, NOT A STRUGGLE: More people are falling in love with our Kits. Why? A Deluxe Gift with a Stunning Handmade & Hand Painted Anti-Mold Frame – in Pristine White inc FREE Charms, Birth Record and Rolling Pin. 2 Sticky Tapes not 1. 3 Air Drying Non Toxic Bags. Finished with a Glass Cover. No Cracked Clay, No Messy Plaster, No Moldy Prints. You will understand why everyone chooses this gift set.
      CAPTURE THAT LOVING MEMORY FOREVER! How would you feel if your print went moldy ? Soul Destroying! Once in a lifetime opportunity ruined. Exposed Wood on other frames increase mold risk. Antonio Coure imprints never go moldy OR crack! Why? The Anti-Mold Solid Wood Frame is 100% sealed which keeps the moisture away from the clay. Our Clay is superior & has undergone rigorous testing compared to others. Certified safe for newborns & pets! Naturally We back with our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!
      PREMIUM QUALITY & DECORATION. As soon as you open the box you will see. Why? Premium Design, Ease of Use, Hang or Display & with an Exclusive Video Link to get the most. You can imagine mums or mums to be will completely adore the gift. And when you read the Reviews, this becomes obvious! The Clean Looking Frame Compliments any Kitchen, Nursery, Living Space, Hall or even at Work. A Beautiful Handcrafted Decoration Capturing that Loving Memory!
      THE MOST CARING & LOVING GIFT:. What could be a more unique, thoughtful and loving gift? The Antonio Coure gift is the perfect keepsake to cherish memories. The gift that mums will adore and appreciate knowing that personal care has gone into choosing it. And when you read our feedback you can see why. A beautiful, innocent and magical memory that will be treasured forever. A stunning gift for any room, a gift for all celebrations sure to be loved by everyone for years to come.
      THE ANTONIO COURE EXCLUSIVE LIFETIME WARRANTY: Coure means love & we are passionate about your memories.. As you know, other keepsake frames don’t have a lifetime warranty. We are a little different, we TRUST our product and our frames are covered for life. Which means if something happens, you contact us & we replace what you need. Share the Antonio Coure Baby Hand & Footprint Kit with family, friends, colleagues and all your loved ones. A perfect gift for everyone.

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