Baby Hand & Foot Print Frame Kit – Soft, Safe imprint Clay for moulding with a Premium Wood frame and High Quality Acrylic Glass Cover – Ultimate newborn baby gift

Chuckle brings you a brand new, specially designed baby hand print frame kit. This kit comes along with a rolling pin, which is essential to get a smooth clay finish and flat surfaces for your baby’s prints. Included is double sided tape can stick down the photos of your choice and a lovely wooden frame comes with it! The included clay is soft and perfect for allowing your baby to press their little hands or feet to hold their mould.Complete Set – This set comes fully equipped with clay, double sided tape, exquisite wooden frame, clear acrylic glass AND NEWLY ADDED ROLLING PIN for smoothing out the edges with the clay.
Safe – This set is free of any dangerous or toxic materials in the clay! The acrylic glass is completely safe and no sharp edges that can injure fingers.
Large Size – The main surface area has been expanded to make sure all sized baby’s hands and feet can be included and moulded for the main image in the clay.
100% Warranty – This set has a 100% warranty with it. Any issues please contact us. A full set of instructions comes with the model. If for some reason it does not arrive, please email us and we send it you ASAP.
IMPORTANT NOTE – After imprinting, the clay MUST be kept in a well ventilated place with plenty of airflow for 24 to 36 hours. Failure to do so may cause the clay mixture to develop mould and crack.

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