Baby Hand and Footprint Picture Frame Kit – Cooljoy Memorable Keepsakes Gift for New Born, Baby Shower or Christening Gift, Toddlers Birthday presents

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Why choose baby hand & footprint picture frame?  
Babies grow and change so quickly, Capture The Moment Now! Your baby won’t stay little forever, they grow mush faster than we imagine.
Maintain your beautiful memories by capturing their precious hand and footprint with our kits. Let the valuable moment satys forever.

How to Use this frame?
Step 1:Remove the clay from its packaging, and knead for 3 to 5 minutes until it is soft.
Insert the soft clay into the large section of the frame, and use a rolling pin or mug to create a smooth and flat surface.
Step 2: Press your baby’s hand and foot into the clay to make a hand and footprint. 
Step 3: Prepare two small pictures (2.75 inches x 2.75 inches) to fit inside the frame cut-outs,
and stick the pictures on top of the frame. Then, remove the front and back protection from
the acrylic glass piece. Place the acrylic glass on top of the white frame silhouette, and place the frame together.

Note: Applying a small amount of baby skin cream can prevent drying your baby’s delicate skin.
Make sure to wash your baby’s hand and foot right after using. Please allow 48 hours for the clay to fully dry.

COOLJOY baby hand and footprint kit includes:
– Brilliant white genuine wooden frame for two pictures and two clay imprints
– 3 packs of baby safe clay
– Shatterproof clear acrylic plastic
– 1 wooden stick to flat the clay

Warning: This product should be used ONLY under direct supervision of an adult.★【Soft,Pliable,Air-drying】– No baking, no mixing, non-toxic, and safe. The clay is easy to use, just knead, roll & make impression, after 48 hours will dry to a stone-like material. The material is safe for contact with the skin but product is for external use only (Please keep away from the mouth, eyes and ears)
★【Minutes to Assemble,Forever to Enjoy】– Our Hand and Footprint Keepsake is super easy to use and can be assembled within 10 minutes. Your purchase of our Keepsake Kit comes with a full instruction guide, 3 packets of air-dry white clay, a wooden rooler, and beautifully crafted real wooden frame. The picture dimensions (inches) are 2.55″ x 2.6″. The clay cutout area for your baby’s hand and footprints is 4.7″ x 6.3″. Please allow 48 hours for the clay to dry.
★【Keep Your Cute Dog & Cat’s Paw Prints Forever】– Some of the best friends come in the form of adorable pets! You can’t beat the joy of seeing the love a child and their dog have for each other. Why not keep that memory for years to come with their tiny paw prints and a couple sweet pictures in a beautifully framed set!
★【Footprint & Picture Frame With Wall Hanger & Self Stand】 – Two pictures displays allow you to put more baby’s precious photoes. Wall hanger allows you to hang the footprint anywhere to decorate your room, self stand also provides another way to show this footprint on the desk or any steady platforms.
★【A Favorite Baby Shower Gift That Will Last a Lifetime】 – If you are looking to dazzle and surprise your best friend, this is the gift to do it. Our baby footprint keepsake frame kit is the perfect thoughtful gift your friend will use and appreciate throughout her life!

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