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Baby Emergency Frame is a gadget which with its design refers to the classic emergency breaking glass. The difference is that the frame includes a spare soother with a mute icon which new parents unmistakably associate with a moment of ease and blissful quietness. This frame is a humorous gift for young parents or parents to be who have a distance to themselves and their new roles.

Just imagine:
You are a young, yet responsible parent. Your partner is going out. You have to stay with the baby. The baby is crying for an hour now (of course it does). You verify all the potential reasons (‘hungry’, ‘sleepy’, ‘baby pooplosion’) and it all seems fine, but somehow the crying volume does not go down. What do you do?

a) you leave the house (we would like to remind you that you are a RESPONSIBLE parent, or at least that is what you’ve declared)
b) you call for help (better than answer “a”, although rescue forces will arrive not earlier than within an hour)
c) you reach for Baby Emergency Frame (Bingo!)

We wish you that those “break glass” moments happen as rarely as possible, but life is life so just in case… 😉

IN A NUTSHELL: Baby Emergency Frame is a gadget with a spot-on and humorous message, which easily addresses the imagination of a new dad and mum. It is a funny gift for young parents, which will allow them to look at the initial months of parenthood from a less serious perspective. Baby Emergency Frame amuses and reminds that sometimes it’s better to let go.
LAST RESORT: This novelty frame may be a real lifesaver for a new parent – just hang it in a visible place. And although the soother behind the glass is fake, its sole presence can calm the nerves when the baby’s cry reaches and maintains a dangerous level.
NOT SO SERIOUSLY: Sometimes in order to feel better it’s good to look at childcare from a different perspective and with a smile. Baby Emergency Frame can help with that. It works perfectly as a gift for new dad or mum – on the occasion of childbirth or with no specific occasion. There is one condition: the parent receiving the gift must have a sense of humour.
RECOMMENDED OCCASIONS: Although, it seems that the dad to be is the one who requires this peculiar survival kit, Baby Emergency Frame is an equally perfect gift for mums – colleagues, sisters and friends. A baby shower or visiting the new parents for the first time are perfect opportunities to give this unique piece of home equipment.
SPECIFICATIONS: Size: 14x14x5 cm. Material: ABS with a rubber coating. The glass is made of acrylic, so it’s safe. Can be hung on the wall. DO NOT use the soother – it’s only a model. Hammer is not included. 🙂

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