Baby Changing Bag Backpack Multi-Function Waterproof Insulated Pockets for Mum & Dad with Changing Mat, Lueur

The Lueur Baby Changing Bag demonstrates many features; all designed to keep you stress-free, totally organised and most importantly, designed to keep you comfortable!

✔1 x Large Waterproof Pocket – Suitable for storing wet items if need be.
✔4 x Insulated Pockets – These pockets are guaranteed to keep liquids such as baby milk warm.
✔Multi-Functional- The bag is designed to keep you organised and stress free, particularly when you have a lot of items to pack.
✔1 x Key Holder – This component is extremely useful as you no longer have to keep searching for your keys.
✔Fitted With Ultra-Soft Back Pads – Lueur understands the importance of feeling comfortable while carrying a bag and not many bags offer great comfort, which is why this bag provides you with unique ultra-soft back pads.
✔1 x Quality Baby Changing Mat – A free matching baby mat is provided, which is ideally comfy and just the right size.
✔Durable Waterproof Material -This bag will last a lifetime and hold its shape so you won’t need to seek another baby bag again!

Lueur Baby Changing Bag (L45cm x W33cm x D18cm)
Lueur Baby Changing Mat (L58cm x W38cm)

The whole package will include one Lueur Baby Changing Bag with one matching Baby Mat.

Lueur has been designed especially for YOU.

Lueur offers EXCEPTIONAL customer service and cares about YOUR opinion. If for any reason you’re not happy, please contact us.
Click “ADD TO BASKET” in the top right hand corner of the listing and receive your brand NEW Baby Changing Backpack! Your journey of being more organised starts today! 📝PRODUCT SPECIFICATION – 1 Lueur baby changing bag (L45cm x W33cm x D18cm), 1 Lueur baby changing mat (L58cm x W38cm), 1 key holder, 1 waterproof pocket for wet clothes, 1 tissue dispenser, 4 insulated pockets, 19 pockets in total and the bag is completely waterproof.
🤰COMFORTABLE AND CONVENIENT – This nappy changing bag is fitted with ultra-soft back pads so even when the bag is heavy, the padded back support will make sure that the bag maintains a good shape for your posture and is also comfortable while in use.
💪DURABLE – This baby bag will last for years undoubtedly. The Lueur baby bag backpack is fitted with high quality waterproof material, ensuring that the bag is really durable and is also resistant to tough climates such as snow and rain.
🎒SPACIOUS – While this bag is able to look sleek, it is still very functional and offers a huge amount of space for baby products and other items. The pockets designated for phones, wallets, water bottles, wet clothes, keys and toys will make life a lot easier for when it comes to searching for items – which may get confusing when using a generic baby changing bag.
😁GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE – We offer great customer service and if there are any problems about the satisfaction or the quality of the product, please contact us.

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