Baby Bibs Bandana Drool Bib 4 Pack Gift Set | Soft 100% Organic Cotton, Super-Cute Reversible Designs, Unisex for Boys or Girls

“The best bibs ever” “Stops drool soaking through” “So cute” “My baby gets compliments all the time” “I love how dry these bibs keep my baby”

Our bibs are the REAL solution to thin underperforming bibs that allow drool to soak through and come into contact with your baby’s clothes and skin.

• PROBLEM SOLVED – Unlike other bibs our non leak through design makes sure drool is collected by the bib but will not soak through keeping your baby dry.

• STYLISH DESIGNS – Our unique, cute designs are perfect for boy or girl making it a great baby shower gift.

• 100% SOFT COTTON – Soft to touch with no plastic backing to guard against skin irritation, a common complaint with plastic backed bibs.

• FITS ALL NECK SIZES – Our bibs have a three snap closure settings so you can ensure they fit perfectly.

• VELCRO FREE – Avoid neck sores and scratches that are a common problem with velcro closures.

• DURABLE & LONG LASTING – Our bibs will stand up to constant use both from your baby and frequent washing. By also being reversible you can maximize their usage.

You risk absolutely nothing. Our bibs are backed by a 100% satisfaction no nonsense money back guarantee.

Your search for “the perfect” set of bibs is now over! We have limited supplies so grab yours today exclusively from❤ UNIQUE STYLE – Your baby will look uber-cool in these exclusive and stylish bandana-style drool bibs. With fun, eye-catching patterns, solid colours and fully reversible design, they won’t show stains and can be worn for longer, meaning less clothes washing for you! Dress your little cherub in these super-cute and practical designer-style bibs and be the envy of baby club!
❤ COMFORTABLE – Unlike other drool bibs our bibs are fastened by 3 x nickel-free snap closures which means a better fit for smaller babies and you won’t have to worry about velcro scratching your baby’s neck! This is great for you as your baby will no longer be irritated and cross or suffer from nasty neck rashes.
❤ HYPOALLERGENIC – If you’ve been searching for a super-cool bib set with unique designs that are ultra-soft and safe for your baby’s skin, then your search is over! That’s because our bibs are made from 100% Pure Cotton and unlike other bibs they need no plastic backing to be waterproof, which means they will NOT cause irritation to your baby’s skin.
❤ NO SOAK-THROUGH – We’re sure you would agree, the problem with most bibs is that they allow moisture to soak through allowing your baby’s clothes and skin to become wet and uncomfortable. Our bibs solve this problem! Why? That’s because our bibs have a dual moisture management layer making them soft and super absorbent with NO soak through, which means and end to drool rash and a happy, contented baby!
❤ LONG LASTING – Durable and fade-resistant, they’ll withstand regular washing without shrinking, curling or fading, so you’ll have a bib set you can rely on to hold up right through the ‘drool years’. A perfect present for newborns, Baby Shower, birthday, christening or Christmas gift. What’s more they come with a 12 month, 100% satisfaction guarantee. So buy with confidence today, no catches, no hassles, if you’re not completely satisfied we have you covered!

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