Apple Now Sells A Computer That Costs More Than A Brand New Car

Apple’s new iMac Pro has officially arrived in the UK and along with it the revelation that this is quite comfortably the company’s most-expensive product.

It starts at a whopping £4,899, however if you upgraded the iMac Pro to its highest spec and then added both of Apple’s pro editing applications Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro the total cost would be an eye-watering £13,006.

VCG via Getty Images

To put that into perspective a Ford KA costs £9,795.

Now before you think the world has all gone a bit upside down don’t panic. You see 99% of us will literally never need to own something like the iMac Pro.

Every single pound from that huge price tag has gone towards creating a machine that is just eye-wateringly powerful. According to Apple, video editors will be able to edit eight…

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