Apple iPhone X Review

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When Apple unveiled the iPhone X, the noise that filled the theatre was not just that of palpable excitement but one of relief.

The company that gave us the iPod, the iPad and the MacBook had shown that it was still capable of breaking new ground and taking its products in a new direction.

For a company that has become almost defined by its measured adoption of new technologies the iPhone X feels almost risky.

This combined with the high cost places Apple in an interesting position which is that it not only has to convince us that the iPhone X is a step in the right direction but one that’s actually worth paying a considerable premium for.


This is the best-looking iPhone since the iPhone 4 and it’s certainly one of the best-looking gadgets out there.

With the pearlescent white back from the iPhone 4, the polished steel band from the iPhone 3G and the curved clamshell design from the iPhone 6 this is a ‘hall of fame’ of Apple’s best design…

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