Analysis: 'Spider-Man' Gavin Williamson Faces Tory Web Of Intrigue Over Shock Promotion

PA Wire/PA Images

Within seconds of Gavin Williamson’s appointment as the new Defence Secretary, the reaction among Tory MPs and ministers was a mix of blind fury and bafflement.

Theresa May’s decision to promote her Chief Whip to replace Sir Michael Fallon was seen by several backbenchers in the Commons Tea Room as “House of Cards gone mad”.

The reference was to the fictional TV series, first aired in the 1990s in the UK but given a Hollywood update for Netflix, that centred on classic political bad guy: Chief Whip Francis Urquhart, who used dirt on colleagues to knife them and then eventually grab the top job for himself.

Michael Dobbs, whose book was the inspiration for both TV dramas, tweeted a reference to the cancellation this week of the American show.

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