Amber Rudd Slaps Down Jacob Rees-Mogg Over Civil Servants 'Fiddling The Figures' Claim

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has slapped down Tory backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg over his astounding claim Treasury officials are “fiddling the figures”. 

Rudd said she was “surprised” that the Brexiteer backbencher “used that language” and that his attack on UK civil servants “is wrong”. 

The Theresa May-ally also dismissed reports of a Brexiteer coup when she appeared on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday. 

Rees-Mogg has said he is “suspicious” of how Treasury officials operate, and that their economic models, which show the UK will be worse off in every Brexit scenario bar remaining in the Customs Union, amount to “fiddling the figures” in favour of Remain. 

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