Alzheimer's Gene Is Neutralised In Human Brain Cells For The First Time

A gene which can reportedly increase the chances of you developing Alzheimer’s has been neutralised by scientists for the first time.

Having just one copy of the gene, called apoE4, can double your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease later in life, while having two copies of it can increase your risk a whopping 12-fold.

The team from Gladstone Institutes were able to completely neutralise the gene’s effects by creating a compound that transformed the structure of the apoE4 protein into the completely harmless apoE3 one.

Altayb via Getty Images

What sets this study apart from so many Alzheimer’s studies however is that the tests were actually carried out on human brain cells, not mice.

Lead author Yadong Huang, MD, PhD and his team were able to use skin cells donated by Alzheimer’s patients and create neurons from…

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