All The Brexit Drama You Missed While 12 MPs Quit Their Parties

It has been a mad old week in politics. For the first time in what feels like forever, the news was not completely dominated by Brexit.

The story that managed to achieve the unthinkable feat of pushing the UK’s imminent EU exit off the top of the news agenda? The dramatic resignation of seven Labour MPs – followed by Enfield North MP Joan Ryan the next day – to form ‘The Independent Group’ (TIG) in parliament.

Then, just when it looked like things couldn’t get any more extraordinary, three Tories announced they were leaving the Conservative benches to join them.

All in all, 12 MPs resigned from their respective parties in the space of just four days (though the freshest quitter – Labour’s Ian Austin – said he had no plans to join TIG).

Amid all this chaos, it might be fair to assume some people have dropped the ball on Brexit news over the last week.

But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. As MPs look ahead to another big week in parliament starting on Monday, here’s everything you have missed in Brexit over the past few days – and what you need to look out for next week.

What’s Been Going On…

While MPs resigned left, right and centre in Westminster, Theresa May was in Brussels attempting to renegotiate the controversial Irish backstop agreement with the EU’s Jean-Claude Juncker.

MPs voted to replace May’s backstop clause – meant to prevent a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland – with “alternative arrangements”, over fears it could see the UK trapped in the EU customs union and unable to strike other free trade deals.

“We have agreed that work to find a solution will continue at pace, time is of the essence and it is in both our interests that when the UK leaves the EU it does so in an orderly way,” May told the BBC on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the EU dubbed the talks constructive, but said the timings were “tight”.

Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay also met Juncker this week. He will return to Brussels with attorney general Geoffrey Cox to…

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