Alex Salmond's Show On Kremlin-Backed RT Breached Broadcasting Rules

The Alex Salmond Show on a Kremlin-backed TV channel breached broadcasting rules by presenting messages from production staff as having come from viewers.

Watchdog Ofcom investigated “audience tweets” in the former Scottish first minister’s debut show on RT, formerly Russia Today.

It found the tweets were presented as having come from viewers, but most were in fact from production staff linked to the programme – including a freelance make-up artist.

Four of the six tweets or emails featured in the November episode were sent by people connected either directly or indirectly to the production of the show or to Salmond in some way, Ofcom said on Monday. 

They included the question “Why RT?”,  tweeted by “a freelance make-up girl who had been involved in rehearsals for the show” and “What does Slainte [the name of Salmond’s production company]…

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