AIEX Baby Waterproof Bed Pad, Bed Wetting Absorbent Washable Incontinence Sleeping Pad for Infants, Children and Pets(27in x 39in)

This product is designed for all ages. Its primary use is for children who have a tendency to wet the bed and help save parents having to wash bed sheets all the time. It can be used by elderly folk as well or in any situation where the potential for a spill on a couch, floor, or chair might occur.

Bed Pad Features:

-This premium quality washable bed protector is warm, soft, comfortable 

-Highly absorbent to keep the sleeper dry, reduce bedding changes and help prevent soreness and infection. 

-The bed pads are quilted with highly absorbent fibres for faster dispersal of liquid to aid comfort and drying.

-It can be washed and reused many times, and the absorbency increases after the first few washes.

Specification :


-Top layer is soft cotton

-Second layer is absorbent cotton

-Third layer is high-end TPU

-Bottom layer is polyester fiber

Size:27in * 39in

Package details:

1 * Water absorbent bed pad

Large Size :(27in x 39in) which works well as a mattress protector and in baby cribs
4 Layer water absorption protection :Soft organic cotton top layer, Polyester fiberfill layer, toxic free, breathable TPU water resistant layer and a soft Polyester bottom layer
Multi-function:This mattress pad can be used at home and on-the-go. It can be placed on chairs, sofas, or even your lap. Whether it’s used for an infant or adult with incontinence or menstrual worries this pad is perfect
Ultra Absorbent and Breathable: This water absorbent bed pad will provide protection again fluids, allergens, dust mites, and bacteria. It’s very breathable, comfortable and noiseless. Vinyl (PVC) free and safe for sensitive skin types
Soft and safe: This mattress pad is covered in 100% organic cotton, as well as bamboo fabric, which results in an ultra soft surface, even after multiple wash cycles

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