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Sport Relief

For someone who was about to embark on a 300 mile Sport Relief bike ride my thought process on the start line at Blackpool was remarkably simple.

Don’t fall off.

I’d been introduced to the cleats a few weeks earlier – not a three piece folk band, but a two piece device designed to keep your feet attached to the pedals to make you more of an efficient power generator.

Only trouble is, when you stop you have to do a funny manoeuvre in order not to fall flat on your face – a technique which I’d not really mastered by the time the start of this BT Sport Relief: Zoe’s Hardest Road Home challenge came around.

But while I managed to avoid hitting the deck live on BBC Breakfast, a new issue reared its head almost immediately. The utterly amazing number of people who’ve come out to cheer me on so far this week has meant that I’ve had to master the riding wave – which sounds simple and for most cyclists is – but for me taking my hand off the handle bars for even a moment was a major operation.

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