'Afghanistan Comes Full Circle!' BBC Journalist Unpacks How We Are Back In 2001

A BBC journalist has claimed the Afghanistan crisis is right back to where it was in 2001 following Monday’s departure of US troops and the renewed terror threat in the country.

Writing shortly after the US completed its final evacuation flight, BBC Pashto news editor Hameed Shuja tweeted: “Afghanistan comes full circle!”

Recalling what first drove the US into Afghanistan, he explained: “Twenty years ago in October 2001 I was watching the BBC World Service late at night in Peshawar [in Pakistan].

“They ran a ‘Breaking News’. President Bush announced from the White House that the US had started bombing Taliban and Al-Qaeda targets in Afghanistan.

“He said he wanted to eliminate ‘the terror threat to the US posed from inside Afghanistan’. I woke my mum up and told her what had happened. She cried.”

The States went into Afghanistan in 2001 to attack Al-Qaeda, the terror group then harboured there by the Taliban, after it took responsibility for the 9/11 bombings.

HENNY RAY ABRAMS via Getty Images

The twin towers of the World Trade Center billow smoke after hijacked airliners crashed into them early 11 September, 2001. 

Shuja continued: “What happened next is a 20 years long tale of joy and grief, of moments of achievement and despair, of belief and hopelessness, of satisfaction and anger, both for myself personally and for Afghanistan and Afghans.

“Tonight, almost 20 years later, I was watching the same BBC World Service. The difference is that now I am a news editor there. They ran a ‘Breaking News’ sticker again.

“General McKenzie announced ‘the end of the US’s 20 years long war and…

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