Adele Debuts Another New Heartbreaking Song In Amazon's Christmas Advert

A new song by Adele has been featured in Amazon’s new festive advert.

With just weeks to go until the award-winning musician unveils her long-awaited fourth album 30, fans have been teased with an excerpt from one track in the new Amazon campaign.

The ad itself centres around a young woman in London who is struggling to readjust following the pandemic, and is moved when she receives a present from a neighbour.

All of this is accompanied by various snippets from the new Adele song Hold On, a gospel-inspired ballad that will be featured on 30.

During the song, Adele is heard singing: “I swear to god I’m such a mess, the harder that I try I regress… right now I truly hate being me.

“Every day feels like the road I’m on, might just open up and swallow me whole… let time be patient, let pain be gracious.”

Kevork Djansezian via Getty Images

Adele performing at the Grammys in 2017

Hold On is one of the songs that was teased by Adele during her recent interview with British Vogue, with the magazine noting that the song features a chorus of her friends repeating the title.

“The thing that they’re all singing [‘just hold on’] is what my friends used to say to me,” the Someone Like Me star told British Vogue. “That’s why I wanted them to sing it, rather than an actual choir.”

Adele recently fended off competition from Ed Sheeran to retain her spot at the top of the UK singles chart with her song Easy On Me – the lead single from 30 – for the third week running.

Her new album is due to drop on Friday 19 November, almost six years to the day after her last release, 25.

Last week, Adele teased fans with the full tracklisting for the album, with one song title in particular really capturing fans’ imaginations.

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