A Third Of BritonsThink Mums Should Stay At Home With Young Children

A third (33%) of Brits think that mothers of pre-school age children should stay at home rather than going out to work, according to a new survey. That is despite 72% of people saying they do not agree with the statement ‘It is a man’s job to be the breadwinner and a woman’s role to stay at home’.

Although this paints a picture of inconsistency on gender roles in Britain, there has been clear growth in the number of people willing to accept women as more than just homemakers: when the same statement was put to respondents a decade ago, in 2008, only 58% of people were willing to disagree. 

The British Social Attitudes Survey, carried out annually by the National Centre for Social Research, shares key findings on politics, gender, work, climate and the welfare system. This year they found a country that is “at the same time growing together…

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