A Thank You Letter To My Daughters' Teachers (And Their Teaching Assistants)…And To All Teachers Everywhere!

With Christmas round the corner and me thinking whether I should be getting you a little something to show my thanks, I thought instead I would simply say it……so thank you!

Thank you for being a big part of why my daughters love going to school each day.

Thank you for making that day happy and fun, as well as productive and educational, and for bringing out in them a love of learning.

Thank you for always being positive and enthusiastic. Your attitude is infectious and it has certainly infected my daughters!

Thank you for the imagination and creativity that you put into the displays in the classroom. Though it might not be the most affluent school in the world, my daughters’ classrooms are happy places to learn and this makes the school a good place to be.

Thank you for doing this for my daughters and their many classmates. I am constantly in awe of how you are able to stand up to teach and entertain up to 30 children (and sometimes a little over).

Thank you for managing to balance (or at least trying to) the needs and abilities of all those children, even though increasingly you do not have the help of a teaching assistant to support the less able pupils.

Thank you for, as well as all of the teaching that you do, simultaneously managing the fact that some of your pupils might not have English as a first language. Some may have significant behavioral issues too.

Thank you for doing all of this, day after day, no matter what. Whether you are nursing the early stages of a cold, or dealing with whatever dramas might be going on in your personal lives (let’s face it – we all have them!), you are there. Unlike most people in regular jobs you can’t have the odd day taking it easy – you are performing up in front of 30 eager little faces, come rain or shine.

Thank you for going back in and carrying on with your work long after I see you at the school gate. Though I’m not there, I’m assuming that it’s only when the children go home that the meetings can begin. And it’s only after that that you can…

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