A Newbie's Guide To Tennis

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Watched Wimbledon this year and fancy giving tennis a go? While many of us played sports at school, few of us keep it up into adulthood. Statistics show that while three in four adults played team sports when they were younger, only one in four still do now.

Rather than plodding on the treadmill or doing a half-hearted weights session, tennis is a great excuse to learn new skills, meet new friends and stay fit while having fun. Even if you’ve never picked up a tennis racket before, it’s never too late to learn.

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Do I need lessons?

If you have never played tennis before, then the answer is yes. Even if you haven’t played in a few years, it is a good idea to book a few lessons. While tennis might seem like an easy sport to just pick up and play, a proper tennis coach will give you tips that will improve your technique and help you progress faster.

Group coaching is a great low-cost way to gain some tennis tuition, plus a good opportunity to meet some fellow racket mates. If you fancy one-to-one support, you could book a private lesson with a tennis coach – they will really focus on your strengths, weaknesses and give you targets to work towards.

Don’t worry if you aren’t serving like Andy Murray after a couple of lessons. It takes time to practise those new racket skills. Find a friend to partner up with on the weekend or just practise rallying against a wall at home.

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What kit should I wear?

Tennis kit is pretty simple: just wear sports clothes. We would recommend a loose T-shirt or vest plus shorts. Make sure your clothing is lightweight and breathable – avoid 100 percent cotton t-shirts, as when you start sweating, they stick to your body and feel heavy. Choose a lightweight synthetic sports material for comfort. Ladies, wear a sports bra, just as you would for running.


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