A Mother's Love: Saving Tobias


A mother will do anything she can to help save the life of her child.

Katharine, a dentist from Manchester, and her husband Issac are currently facing every parent’s worst nightmare. Their only child, Tobias is currently fighting for his life.

Tobias, at almost 8 months old, is the most beautiful little boy and full of smiles. When you look closer however, you see a little boy who has spent most of his life in hospital. He is attached to a central line and feeding tube and has limited use of his right leg. Tobias is fighting a very rare aggressive form of cancer called infantile fibrosarcoma for the second time. He spends much of his days asleep, exhausted by aggressive chemotherapy treatments, yet remains the joy that keeps his parents fighting.


Katharine, Tobias’ mother said,
“Tobias is my rainbow baby, all my dreams come true. He’s so brave, uncomplaining and beautiful. When I cuddle him and he looks into my eyes my whole world is perfect. Nothing else matters as long as I have him in my life.”

Tobias was diagnosed at just 8 weeks of age and has already undergone more treatments and procedures than most people do in a lifetime. Tobias has already undergone multiple courses of aggressive chemotherapies and major surgery too.

Despite the aggressive treatments used, devastatingly, three new tumours grew whilst he was still undergoing treatment. He is now undergoing much more intensive chemotherapy regime in the hope of treating the tumours, but his future is looking very unsure. In the UK, all children diagnosed with relapsed infantile fibrosarcoma (like Tobias) devastatingly, have not survived.

Should Tobias’ cancer return again (as has happened in all children with relapsed infantile fibrosarcoma), there are no curative treatment options left available on the NHS or in the UK.

However there is a new, potentially ground-breaking antibody treatment being trialed that is showing remarkable results. It directly targets the gene fusion that causes Tobias’ tumour type. However, this is not available or…

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