A Focus On Children's Emotional Wellbeing For A Positive Future Legacy

When I was 17 years old doing my A-levels I worked with an after school play scheme that helped primary school children with their self-esteem, achievement and feelings through physical play and exercise. It not only had a huge impact on the kid’s lives but my own too. At the time I wasn’t a very happy teenager and seeing the way the scheme uplifted young children gave me a bit of comfort that I myself was worthwhile.

I already knew the impact physical activity could have on the way a child feels hence why I took my play scheme qualification and volunteered. I walked miles with my Grandad from the age of 4, did aerobics with my mum from the age of 5 and I found running when I was 11 year old, it helped me figure out who I was, cope with my surroundings and the ups and downs of growing up, it gave me a sense of self-worth and most importantly a positive outlet for a million emotions that were so powerful that I didn’t know how to express or what to do with.

Last year I went into a women’s refuge as you may have seen on This Morning and spent time not only with the women but their kids. There was one girl who really stood out to me, maybe because I recognised my young self in her. I wanted to see if I could try and make a bit of difference to how she was feeling. I couldn’t do much about her situation but I absolutely could try and empower her and help her deal with how she was feeling. I took her for a run and showed her some…

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