A Bag of Blessings for my God Daughter on her Christening Day

I first created my little ‘Bagz of Blessingz’ in 2001! I believe one of these gorgeous little gift bags would be a delightful present for you to give to your God Daughter on her Christening Day. Each beautiful little silk bag contains some gemstones – Aventurine and Rose Quartz, a little confetti angel, a tiny confetti dove, some pretty confetti and sparkles. The following verse (which is printed and laminated) is attached to the outside:- “This is a Bag of Blessings, Given on your Christening Day, So that you, my beloved God Daughter, May be blessed in every way. The Rose Quartz will bring you happiness, And surround you with joy and love, The Aventurine will help ensure good health, And to bring you peace, there’s a tiny dove. May you always have a guardian angel, Watching over you from above, Surrounding you with divine protection, And showering you with love.” Copyright © 2001-2016 Karen Bourner. All rights reserved. In the bag are the tiny tumblestones and confetti (as explained in the item description) but these gifts are about the sentiment within the verse, the contents symbolize those sentiments… and over the years I have received many messages telling me how well received these gifts have been. Unlike Greetings Cards, which are so disposable, Bags of Blessings are for keeps! Condition Note: Please note that each satin bag measures approximately 8cm x 10cm (3″ x 4″) and the colour may differ slightly from the ones in the pictures, but are usually pink or white. The size and shape of the gemstones will differ as each one is beautifully unique. Please allow 5-7 days for delivery as I am usually very busy with orders. (If needed sooner please message me.) Thanks!A Gorgeous and Unusual Christening Gift for your God Daughter
Pretty Silk Bag measuring 8cm x 10cm/ 3 x 4 inches approx
Comes with 2 real gemstones, confetti and a heartfelt sentimental verses attached
Bagz of Blessingz – a Card and a Gift in one beautiful little Bag!
A wonderful keepsake which will be treasured for ever!

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