8 places to try the new melted cheese trend in steamboat, mookata and hotplate

The dining scene is set to get cheesier.

Gooey melted cheese, usually associated with pizza, pasta and fondue, is stretching its way into steamboats, Korean barbecue hotplates and mookata, Thai-style barbecue steamboat.

At least eight restaurants have started offering melted cheese as a dip for meats and seafood.

Newer entrants include Cheese Story Mookata Buffet and Jackpot K Seafood & Cheese BBQ Buffet, both in Golden Mile Complex, and Hook On Steamboat in Changi Road, which has a dipping pot of cheese-infused chicken stock.

In restaurants serving cheesy Korean barbecues, the cheese is melted either on the grill or in a side compartment, while in mookata, it is placed in the soup trough around the dome-shaped grill.

Most of the restaurants use both mozzarella and cheddar cheeses for their…

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