8 genius ways to help your baby sleep through on hot nights

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Use summer bedding

Swap your baby’s sleeping bag for a lightweight sheet to help him stay cool at night. ‘Keep nightwear and bedding light and use a natural and breathable fabric as it will help your baby not to get too hot,’ says Annie Simpson from Infant Sleep Consultant. [Corbis]

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Create a breeze

Keeping the windows open throughout your home will create a nice cool breeze that will help keep your little one cool. If you leave in a ground floor flat or you’re worried about your tot climbing out of the window, then use a fan to keep the temperature down. Keep it on a high shelf or windowsill with the cable out of your child’s reach and make sure it’s not directly pointing at him, so he doesn’t get too cold. [Alamy]

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Invest in blackout blinds

The lighter evenings may make it harder to settle your little one, so putting up some blackout blinds will help your tot remember it’s time to sleep. Just be sure to invest in cordless blinds. [Corbis]

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Try a cool bath

On really hot days, include a cool bath into your child’s bedtime routine. ‘A cool bath is a lovely idea at the end of the day, it is the beginning of the “wind down” process and signals to your little one that it is nearly time for bed,’ Annie explains. Relaxing your tot before they go to sleep will also regulate his body temperature so he’s cooler. [Corbis]

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Monitor the temperature

Use a thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature of the room. ‘An ideal temperature is between 18-22 degrees,’ says Annie. ‘But be sensible about it, if you child feels chilly, add a layer and if he feels clammy, remove one.’ [Corbis]

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Shut the curtains during the day

But keep the windows open, if possible. This will help keep the temperature lower for when your child goes to bed. [Corbis]

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Stick to his usual bed time

As tempting as it is to let your child stay up a little later when the evenings are later, keep his bed time the same. ‘Remember he’s looking to you for guidance with setting a gentle but consistent bedtime,’ says Annie. [Corbis]

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If all else fails…

Have a family camp out on the lounge floor on unbearable nights. The lower level of your house will be cooler than the higher one as heat rises. [Corbis]

Do you have any other great summer sleep tips? Share them in the comments box below.

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