6 tips to ace your baby's nap routine

Fact: little ones need naps. Until your youngster is aged somewhere between three and four years old, it’s vital to top up his night-time sleep with during-the-day snoozes.

‘Small children are so busy learning and growing that they need this extra down-time to rest and replenish,’ says baby sleep consultant Lucy Wolfe. ‘When they don’t get the daytime sleep they need, it affects their mood, their behaviour and their appetite.’ Not napping enough can also make it harder for your tot to get to sleep at night because when he gets overtired, his levels of stress hormone cortisol increase.’ 

Cortisol is stimulating so, however, tired your baby is, with that in his system they’ll be too alert to nod off easily. So, getting their naps right will make everything else much, much easier. And here are the secrets you need to know to help your tot into an age-appropriate sleeping pattern that will help them feel their best, no matter how old they are…

6 tips to ace your little one’s daytime naps:

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Check out Mother&Baby’s nap chart to work out how many naps your baby should be having, plus how long to wait between them. 

Meet the Expert: Lucy Wolfe is a baby sleep consultant, a mum of four and the author of The Baby Sleep Solution: The stay-and-support method to help your baby sleep through the night. (£14.99; Gill Books). 

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