6 Key Moments From Donald Trump And Theresa May’s Extraordinary Chequers Press Conference

In an incredible joint press conference on Friday, Donald Trump heaped praise on “incredible” Theresa May and hailed UK-US relations as the “highest level of special”, just hours after explosive comments he made about her premiership were published in a British newspaper.

After intensive talks at Chequers, the Prime Minister’s country residence, in the wake of an interview in which he said May’s Brexit plans would kill off a trade deal with the US, the President told May “whatever you do is OK with me” but urged her to “make sure we can trade together”.

Here are the key moments from the press conference, where both leaders took questions from reporters.  

The ‘Love Actually’ moment 

Ahead of the press conference, fans of the kitsch Christmas film Love Actually expressed hope the Prime Minister would strike back against Trump’s less-than-gracious comments about her in The Sun. 

Some of them may have hoped that May was taking inspiration from Hugh Grant, who plays a recently-elected UK Prime Minister in the film, when she slapped him down over the topic of immigration.

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