5 x Lovely Owls & Dots Super Soft High Quality Baby Flannel Muslin Squares, Large 80×70, 100% Organic Brushed Cotton Baby Flannelette. Ideal for Newborn – Baby Girl or Baby Boy. Cute Set by GMGold

5 x 100% NATURAL BRUSHED COTTON (FLANNEL) NAPPIES/ WRAPS/ SHEETS/ BLANKETS are “must have” for every Mummy and they can be used in many different ways. LOVELY OWLS & DOTS set contains 5 mix colours nappies with friendly and funny animals print – ideal for Baby Girl. They are super soft (much softer than muslin squares) made of 100 % Premium Quality Brushed Cotton (Flannel), EKO friendly. OUR CERTIFICATES: 1.) “SAFE FOR CHILDREN” published by the Institute of Textile TEXTIL-CERT means that our products are made only from natural fabrics (100% Cotton) and meet the rigorous standards of sanitation and safety. 2.) “HEALTH QUALITY” published by National Institute of Public Health means that our products, having compositions as declared by the manufacturer, does not pose hazard to human health. Our 100% Natural Cotton Wraps are ‘MUST HAVE’ because of their generous size and multiple uses including: burp cloth (putting over your shoulder when winding baby), breastfeeding cover, bibs (folding into triangle shape & tying on the back),baby wipes/towel, stroller cover (from wind or sun), baby blanket (children like to adopt them as a comforter because they smell of Mum and milk), baby swaddle, bath cover, wash cloth, bed sheet, change table or mat cover, nappy booster, car seat liners, play mat, protective layer under baby’s head in the pram – to name a few! Washable from 40 to 60 degrees. They are ideal for delicate Baby soft skin. Each Nappy is approximately 70 cm x 80 cm (27′ x 31′). As a mother I can’t imagine life without them and I’m sure every parent will find many other ways to use them. Highly recommended.Lovely Owls&Dots Set: 5 x Cute Super Flannel Muslin Squares – Ideal for Little Baby Girl or Baby Boy
70 x 80 cm, Luxury Super Soft – Ideal for Sensitive Baby Skin – with Certificate
100% Natural Brushed Cotton Nappies/Wraps/Sheets/Blankets – made in UE
Multi-Use: Burping, Swaddling, Covering when Breastfeeding, Mopping Up Spills, Wiping Baby’s Face, Nappy Liner, Blanket, Changing Mat, Sheet and many more
Super Absorbent, Quick to Dry, Washable at 60 Degrees – much softer than Muslin Squares! ***

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