5 Transitional Pieces That Will See You Through The Changeable Weather

When the weather can’t make its mind up and you’re almost late to work every day of the week because you don’t know what to wear: you’re in need of some key transitional clothing you can throw on no matter what the forecast. 

Let’s start off with five key pieces you can build your outfit around and which will also get you through the different appointments of the day.

Midi Magic

A midi skirt is perfect for when you are ready to give up the tights, but it isn’t yet warm enough to expose acres of leg. And if you’re not yet ready to give up on tights? No problem.

H&M, £19.99.

With or without tights, jumpers or blouses and flats or heels are all options with this shape. You may want the midi to be the ‘basic’ so this red pleated midi skirt from H&M for £19.99 could be your new version of jeans this in-between season alternatively H&M also has a printed calf-length buttoned skirt, also…

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