5 of the best holidays to treat YOUR parents

As a mum, you’ll no doubt have learnt a lot from your parents over the course of your life. There’s fairly elementary skills, like learning how to tie your shoes or ride a bike, but there’s also more complex challenges which they’ve more than likely prepped you for – like parenthood and what to expect from it.

This time, let’s make it all about them by booking them a holiday they’ll never forget. Without further ado, here’s five of the best getaways perfect for an older generation.



Image by FRANCISCO FERNANDEZ, used under CC License (CC by 2.0)

Whether your parents are wine aficionados, culture vultures, sun-seekers or paella enthusiasts, there’s something in Spain’s diverse allures for everyone. Andalucia epitomises a more traditional way of Spanish life – think vibrant plazas complete with the token flamenco guitarist – with all glitz and glamour of cities like Marbella thrown in for good measure. Alongside that, they’ll have the chance to visit dusty Moorish castles, like the Castillo de Gibralfaro, or even browse the works of the renowned artist Pablo Picasso.


Since the end of the Yugoslav Wars, Croatia has fast solidified its place amongst the world’s most desirable holiday locations. One look at the glistening waters of the Adriatic and luscious inland olive groves here explains why. The historic port of Dubrovnik draws in lots of western tourists, many of whom visit for the famed seafood and tours around the iconic walls. If your parents are more into tranquil natural parks, then they can’t go wrong by visiting Lokrum. This island is a short boat trip from the city and is home to a monastery, an untold amount of sunbathing spots and possibly the biggest population of peacocks and rabbits they’ll ever come across.


Perhaps you’d rather go all out and send them somewhere further afield. In which case, the Caribbean houses no shortage of idyllic retreats which’ll leave your parents feeling well and truly pampered. They can spend their days wandering around colonial-esque streets, while their evenings are largely made up of a tipple or too by the pool, followed a serving of delicious locally caught fried fish. One of Barbados’ many traits is that it’s generally warm and sunny all year round, with temperatures averaging at around 30 degrees Celsius.

South Africa


Image by Henning Supertramp, used under CC Licence (CC by 2.0)

From one hemisphere to another, South African getaways are well suited to older generations. Before all else, there’s the unrivaled thrill of seeing big game first hand. Safari tours venture deep into the country’s wild plains and the natural habitats of elephants, lions, zebras and wildebeest, amongst other animals. Cape Town, on South Africa’s Garden Route, is ripe for the pickings with attractions. For a start, there’s Table Mountain. If your parents don’t fancy the trek up, cable-car trips are available. Let them marvel over stretching Atlantic views, before heading back to the city. Long Street (as lengthy as its name suggests) has a diverse choice of restaurants to eat in. Whether they fancy local cuisine or a mouthwatering Italian meal, they’ll find somewhere on the street which’ll go far beyond just satisfying their taste buds.

No matter your parents’ preferences, sending them to one of these five destinations is a sure-fire way to pay them back for everything they’ve done for you.

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