5 New Mum Hacks That Change Everything

The first weeks and months with a baby can be a little overwhelming. You’re new to your baby, learning to read the signs when your baby is hungry/windy/too cold/too hot/needs changing/is having a growth spurt, plus you’re coping with a tsunami of tiredness. 

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These are the sort of questions that will preoccupy you:  

How to eat when your baby just won’t settle? (Wear a sling. All the time. Sorted. You might even get to cook something more than pasta or toast.)

How to stop your baby’s nappy leaking all over her sleepsuit so she doesn’t wake up cold, wet and miserable? (Bigger nappies. She may look ridiculously swamped but it works.)

How to wrestle your teeny tiny baby out of his vest when he’s had an epic up-the-neck poo? (Turns out those vests go DOWN the body, not just over the head.)

How to stop your baby waking at the smallest sound? (Put her to sleep with background noise on, like a radio burbling or the more expensive option of a white noise machine.)

As you fall into a semblance of routine and become adept at recognising your growing baby’s signals, you may even get to venture out and share your hard-won tips with friends.

But we bet you’ll still be impressed by these ingenious hacks. We were.  

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